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Solartron Analytical Launches Energy Lab XM

木曜日, 4月 7日, 2016


Versatile Electrochemical Impedance Analyzer Is First of Four Apps-XM Application-Specific Products.

Oak Ridge, TN- Solartron Analytical, a unit of AMETEK Advanced Measurement Technology (AMT) has launched the EnergyLab XM, a potentiostat, galvanostat and frequency response analyzer (FRA). The EnergyLab XM also is the first of four new products that Solartron Analytical has developed for its Apps-XM application- specific product line.

The new Apps-XM Series offers specific application focused products that allow customers to purchase only what they need for their targeted research. The instruments within new Apps-XM Series occupy less than half of the footprint of other competitive units, saving valuable lab space while remaining competitively priced.

The first product launched as part of the new series is the EnergyLab XM, which offers tailored testing solutions for a variety of energy storage devices, including batteries, supercapacitors, and fuel cells, eliminating the need for costly hardware add-ons. 

The compact EnergyLab XM includes a reference grade potentiostat, frequency response analyzer (FRA) and a 2A booster.  The unit may be operated in boosted or unboosted mode (with automatic switching), providing optimum test conditions and accuracy for a wide range of devices.

EnergyLab XM’s extreme sensitivity allows complete characterization of prototype low current or low impedance new generation cells. If high current is needed, external boosters can be connected and automatically controlled, allowing fully integrated high current tests at up to 100A.

For specific application information, users can visit or email or visit.

The Solartron Analytical is a business unit of AMETEK Scientific Instruments within AMETEK, Inc.’s Advanced Technologies (AMT) division.  AMETEK, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of $4.0 billion